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Mt. Royal High School Class of 1962
Mount Royal High School

Old Townies FB Header
Over 1,000 'Townies' are members of this Facebook Group - including many TMR High Graduates ... see how many names you recognize ...! ExOld Townies on Facebook

TMR 100th Anniversary is next year (1912-2022) - here's a video released by the Town with some great present-day (and nostalgic!) shots ... thanks Bob Holt!

The Weekly Post used to publish a street map of the Town every so often, and there was one in the front of the TMR phone book, too. Times change ...! The Town web site now has a street map in the form of a PDF, portions of which can be magnified for easier reading. Can you find your street ...? (Thanks Bob Holt!) TMR Street Map

Montreal Gazette Page 1 Montreak Gazette Masthead
Remember when the Montreal Gazette printed the names of all High School graduates in the Montreal School System ...? The paper recently published scans of past issues from their archives, and fellow '62 Graduate David Whitelaw found the page with the list of Mount Royal Graduates. A moment of pride to see our names in print ...

And the newstand price of each issue: 5 cents ...!

We've grabbed screen shots of the page with MRHS names ...

Fellow Graduate Sid Finkelstein put together a slideshow of photos that should bring back a memory or three ...